“In 70 years we never changed our minds….but only some details ! ” This is the synthesis of the message – sincerely a little bit provocative and malicious – that Company PARTISANI uses to present its products. Talking about the past, Ernesto Partisani, who, together with his ingenious father Aldo, son, daugthers and a grandson makes up one of the most reliable dynasty of Milling machines’ producers in Italy – remembers – ” After the war all the traditional stone mills were radically modified. Probably people using to buy the flour at the supermarket cannot imagine that , in that period, an epochal step was done concerning the nourishment in super- technological society. Roller Mills produce a refined flour that does not more preserve all the mineral salts and fibres contained inside the seed and that lost its component of E vitamin due to the contact with the metal of the rollers.

What remains – Mr. Partisani says – is a white powder, mainly composed of starch. While Stone Mills grind the seed using one only passage, leaving so unaltered all its most important nutritional qualities. This is a very important detail considering that people often go and buy white bread at the baker and then the bran in pharmacy, because the white flour used to bake golden pieces of bread and well leavened cakes is much more indigestible and less nourishing compared with wholemeal flour. But be careful : very few flour named wholemeal ones are really so. In fact they are often simply white flours added with the same components previously discharged during the milling and refining process. And so, how is it possible to get REALLY WHOLEMEAL FLOUR ? The answer is : using Mills and Plants produced by Partisani. In fact, the company produces a very diversified range of Mills ( small, medium, medium-big from 50 to 1.000 kg. of flour per hour). These Mill are able to grind any kind of cereals and also chickpeas, chestnuts and also amaranthine a very small seed whose flour is successfully used also to contrast the menopause inconveniences. While it is impossible to grind the soya bean because it is an oily cereal.

Mills and Plants of PARTISANI are all planned inside the Company and all assembled and tested in the workhouse in Vecchiazzano.. The consciousness of the importance of food for the health and for the quality of life created a great interest for these machines, also considering that, especially the small ones, have very low prices. At least 70% of production is sold abroad, also in very far and different countries As Brazil, Zambia, Arab Emirates, Switzerland ,France, Germany, United States of America, South Africa , etc. Ernesto Partisani, as father Aldo “ the Archimedes of Mills”, depositary of many design patents and exporter of genial machines all over the world, comes from a descent of millers since many generations. Still head of the company, supported by various components of his family, now fourth and fifth generation, going on with production of traditional Mills, which keep, any way, up with the technological evolution .