About Us

PARTISANI is an international point of reference for the Stone Mills. Leading company in Italy, thank to its experience, PARTISANI is well known and appreciated also in over 30 countries in the world. Enthusiasm begins more than 70 years ago and since that moment never exhausted itself, the continuous search of quality makes the PARTISANI Mills an excellence in the field of milling not only white flours.

We are a leading company in production Of Mills and Plants for wholemeal grinding cereals, both Stone Mills and Roller Mills . As You well know, the wholemeal flour preserves all its high nutritional value, differently from the industrial mills producing only refined white flour. An over 70 Years technical experience in this field together with the high quality level of our products, make the PARTISANI Mills and Plants a mix of great strength with a unique simplicity of operation. Our Plants are very simple and versatile and it is possible, on request, to add silos and bagging machines making not any modification to the Plant.