It is important to underline that, considering the compact, horizontal structural development of the Plants, for the costumer it is enough to have at disposal a building having a maximum area of mt.10 x mt.15 , max mt. 4,0/4,5 high. All our Milling Plants are tested in our workshop before delivery and all the components of our machines are numbered in such a way that the assembling of the plant is very simple for the costumer who doesn’t need any skilled labour for this operation. Any plant is equipped with a detailed use and maintenance manual. The switchboard is build according to the international rules and it is planned to drive the whole Plant. All the electric cables are numbered and already connected to the electric motors so that the only thing to do is to connect them to the switchboard and this operation is very simple following the numerical sequence.
Obviously company PARTISANI srl warrants all the supplied machinery, concerning the quality of equipments, the manufacturing strength and the good running, for 12 months from their delivery date.


We take the best care of our Plants: we analyze, test and, if necessary, better any detail and this is the reason of the high quality of our products, which are mostly personalized on demand.


Our research and development department allows to manage in the best way all the peculiar requirements of the costumer.


Benefits of the Artificial Universa Stones

Our compound stones are definitely superior if compared to the natural ones, also to the most important as Fertè or Anconesi etc. and this fact is due to the following reasons:

1. They do not need to be dressed because their granular composition allows to get a surface always alive and fresh, the particles worn-out are continuously replaced by the lower ones, keeping the sharpness unaltered..

2. They are porous, uniformly alive and extremely sharp. This allows to obtain a very high output in grinding joined to a best quality of flours.

3. They are very hard and resistant, this makes their consumption very slow and, consequently their use is very cheap.

4. They have a perfect cohesion and homogeneity this allows a great regularity in processing, without overheating , without any loss and with the same wear degree in any part of the stones surface.

5. They can go on grinding perfectly till their maximum limit of useful thickness , this is the reason why they are so durable differently if compared with natural stones because, after some years, before reaching their complete consumption, connections between the different parts become larger, deeper, creating holes and ejecting some particles of silica so that they have to be replaced. In our, composed stones, the thickness of stone, uniform and compact, wears till the last millimeter.