Frequently asked questions

What can I grind with Plants with Stone Mills ?

Any kind of cereals and generally, any not oily seeds.

Is it necessary to change the stones depending on the type of cereal I need to grind ?

No, our Stones are universal and so suitable for grinding any type or product.

Is it possible to obtain flours type “0” or “00”grinding with Stone Mills?

No, the stone grinding process is the ideal one for obtaining semi-whole-meal flours of very high quality.

Do the stones wear out?

As for any material subject to rubbing, the stones wear out, anyway their high hardness allows a very long working period, much longer if compared to the natural ones.

Are they natural stones?

All the stones are composed of different types of natural stones mixed and connected by a binding agent, all these components are non-toxic and all the stones are attested for human food.

What to do when stones are worn out ?

If the stones are stopped before the channels are disappeared, following their grooves , using a stone disc, it is possible to get them back to the original depth. This operation may be done 4/5 times, making so much longer the stones life.

Is it possible to see one of Your Plants working ? Where ?

In our workshop we have set some plants up with the purpose of making grinding test , also using the cereal of the costumer, allowing You to watch the plant working and to test, then, the quality of the obtained flours. Our staff is at Your disposal to study together the best solution for Your personal requirements.